Bourne of Hackinsall
by Nigel Watts

This account was first drafted about three years ago, since when I have found out a good deal more about the commercial activites of Cornelius Bourne and his sons. They were successful Liverpool merchants with interests in the timber and iron trades, salt and coal mining, canals and railways. It seems likely that it was primarily these activities, rather than inherited property, which formed the basis of the family's wealth.

PETER BOURNE OF HACKINSALL was born on 13 October 1783, the fourth and youngest son of Cornelius Bourne and Ann Rymer. These Bournes were a Lancashire family. Peter's grandfather, John, came from Stalmine, about eight miles from Blackpool, and his father, Cornelius was married and buried in Liverpool. Peter married on 14 May 1810, at St George's Church Liverpool, Margaret Drinkwater, youngest daughter of James Drinkwater and Elinor Leece. James Drinkwater was mayor of Liverpool in 1810, the same year that his daughter married. His son, Sir George Drinkwater, Margaret's brother, was also mayor of Liverpool, in 1829.

Although Peterís father Cornelius had three older brothers, none left a male heir, so Cornelius must have inherited his fatherís estate, including Stalmine which was then passed on to Peterís eldest brother John. Thomas, the second son of Cornelius, acquired or inherited Hackinsall Hall. He died unmarried in 1801, and was succeeded by his brother James of Heathfield House, Wavertree, near Liverpool. James also died unmarried in 1835, and Peter inherited both Hackinsall and Heathfield. Peter, a JP and an alderman and mayor of Liverpool, died on 3 February 1846. There is a memorial to him in Stalmine church:

Sacred to the Memory of
Peter Bourne Esquire
of Hackensall Hall and Liverpool
for many years an active
Magistrate of the County
He died the IIIth of February M.D.CCCXLVI
in the LXIIrd year of his age
also of Margaret
wife of the above
(Daughter of James & Elinor Drinkwater)
who died XIIth May MDCCCLXV
aged LXXVIII years

Margaret died on 12 May 1865, having had nine children:

1. Cornelius 1811-1839
2. Sir James, 1st Baronet 1812-1882
3. Thomas 1814-1879
4. Elinor 1815-1817
5. Ann 1816-1858
6. Elinor Drinkwater 1818-1897
7. Peter 1819-1881
8. George Drinkwater 1821-
9. Margaret 1826-1865

All the children except Cornelius were born in Rodney Street, Liverpool. Cornelius (1), born on 7 April 1811, educated Shrewsbury and Oriel College Oxford, died unmarried on 30 June 1839 at Aix en Savoie and was buried at Geneva.

Thomas (3), born 28 February 1814, was Lt Col Royal Lancaster Regiment. He drowned on 28 August 1879 and was buried at Wavertree. Elinor (4), born 19 August 1815 died less than two years later on 29 June 1817. Peter (7), born on 28 February 1820 lived in Rodney Street and was a JP. He died unmarried on 25 November 1881.

Sir James Bourne, Bart, and his Descendants

James (2), born 8 October 1812, educated at Shrewsbury, inherited Hackinsall Hall and Heathfield House. He was a JP, Lt Colonel and Honorary Colonel Royal Lancs Artillery Regiment of Militia, and served as MP for Evesham from 1865 to 1880. He was appointed CB in 1861 and made a baronet on 10 May 1880. Some of the work he carried out on his estate is described in an 1881 directory of Lancaster and its surroundings:

The village school (at Preesall-with-Hackensall) was endowed by the ancient family of Hesketh, with land, out of which £13 a year is paid to the teacher. It was originally built in 1695, and repaired by Peter Bourne, Esq., in 1828, but a new school was erected on an eligible site in 1873, by James Bourne, Esq., and is now attended by 60 children.

The ancient manor house, called Hackensall Hall, the property of James Bourne, Esq., is now occupied by a farmer. It was thoroughly restored some years since by Mr Bourne, without, however, obliterating its links with a former age. The antique fire places have been renewed, not altered, and the stone with the initials F.R.A., being those of Richard Fleetwood and Anne, his wife, have been reinstated over the newly-constructed lintel. The moat has been nearly filled up, though its extent and direction can still be traced. There was once a chapel, or private oratory in or near the hall. "The rights to wreckage &c., on the foreshore of the manor have appertained to the lords of Hackensall, from time immemorial, and still continue to be held and exercised as a portion of the lordship."

He married on 30 October 1841 Sarah Harriet Dyson, daughter of Thomas Fournis Dyson of Everton Lancashire and Willow Hall Yorkshire. He died on 14 March 1882 and Sarah died on 22 September 1891, having had four children:

i. Sir James Dyson, 2nd Baronet 1842-1883
ii. Harriet Anne Dyson 1846-
iii. Helen Dyson 1848-1853
iv. Emily Dyson 1852-1854

Sir James Dyson Bourne (i), born 29 July 1842 was, briefly, the second and last Baronet. He died on 11 November 1883, nineteen months after he succeeded his father. He was Colonel 5th Dragoon Guards, DL (1883). He married on 29 December 1875 Lady Marion Jane Loftus, former wife of George Osborn Springfield, 5th Dragoon Guards, and only daughter of 3rd Marquess of Ely. They had a daughter who lived for only a day:

1. Gladys Dyson 29-30 October 1881

Lady Marion married twice more, in 1884 to Lt Colonel James John Neil Buchanan, 5th Dragoon Guards (died 26 November 1893), and finally in 1894 to Revd James Weller of Amersham. She died on 28 October 1933. In her life she had a total of eight children. Tragically, all died in infancy.

Helen (iii) and Emily (iv) died as infants. Harriet (ii), born 15 February 1846, married on 8 August 1883 James William Seaburne May. In 1892 the additional surname of Bourne was added by Royal Licence, which was subsequently altered by Royal Licence in 1897 to Bourne-May. There were three children:

1. Irene Harriet Bourne Seaburne 1884-1932
2. James Bourne Seaburne 1886-1961
3. Geoffrey Bourne Seaburne 1887-1903.

Irene (1), born 21 August 1884, married on Robert Thompson, of Greenways, Deepdene, Dorking, Surrey. She died in 1932 leaving a son. (no more details). Geoffrey (3) appears to have died unmarried.

James (2), born 9 January 1886, married on 29 April 1918 Alexa Grace Campbell of Barwhinnock, Twynholm, Kirkcudbright, only daughter of Andrew Jameson, Lord Ardwell, a Scottish Lord of Session. He died on 1 November 1961, leaving a son:

i. Geoffrey Fitzgerald 1921-1988

Geoffrey (i) was educated at Harrow and Exeter College Oxford, and served in the Coldstream Guards during the second world war. He married in 1957 June Josephine, youngest daughter of Col. Harold Peake-Cottam of Linden Hall, Mont aux Pretres, Jersey, and has two sons:

1. Jonathan James Seaburne 1959- , a Colonel in the Colstream Guards
2. Guy Geoffrey Seaburne 1961-

Revd George Drinkwater Bourne and His Descendants

Revd George Drinkwater Bourne, FSA, DL, JP, the eighth child of Peter Bourne, was born on 31 August 1821, educated at Oriel College Oxford, was Patron and Rector of Weston-sub-Edge, Gloucestershire, Rural Dean (1875), and honorary Canon of Gloucester Cathedral (1880). He officiated at his sister Margaret's wedding at St George's Liverpool on 11 July 1848 and assisted at the wedding of his nieces, Elinor Royds in February 1884, and Emily Royds in December 1888. He married firstly Jane Hole, only daughter of Francis Hole of Tiverton, Devon, by whom he had two children:

i. Margaret 1848-1921
ii. Francis 1850-1880.

Francis (ii), born 2 April 1850, was Captain 43rd LI. He died unmarried on 5 October 1880.

Margaret (i), born 18 February 1848, married on 24 June 1875 Revd Francis Edward Broome Witts, of Upper Slaughter, Gloucestershire, where he was Rector, Patron of the Living and Lord of the Manor. He was also Rural Dean and an honorary Canon of Gloucester Cathedral. He died in 18 August 1913, and Margaret died on 6 February 1921. They had eight children:

1. Edward Francis Broome 1879-1938
2. George Bourne 1883-
3. John Travell 1885-
4. Frank Hole 1887-
5. Frederick Vavasour Broome 1889-1969
6. Margaret Apphia Broome
7. Edith Jane Bourne
8. Agnes Edna Broome

Edward (1), born 4 May 1879, educated Eton and Merton College Oxford, was a Major in the Gloucestershire Regiment, and served in the Boer War and the First World War. He was a JP and served as a County Councillor 1929-49.

George (2), born 26 April 1883, served in the First World War as a Captain in the Gloucestershire Regiment. He lived at Hillesley House, Wooton-Under-Edge, and was a County Councillor.

John (3), born 13 September 1885, MBE, was a Major in the Gloucestershire Regiment, and served in both World Wars. He lived at Little Western, Woodley Berkshire, and married on 22 October 1918 Gulielma Ewart Richardson MBE, only child of Henry James Richardson of Barethorn, Chelston, Devon. They has a son:

i. Stephen Richard Travell 1920-

Frank (4), born 22 February 1887, educated Radley and Trinity College Oxford, joined the army and rose the to rank of Brigadier. He joined the Irish Guards in 1914, served in France during the First World War and was twice mentioned in despatches. He commanded the 1st Batallion Kingís Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) 1933-35, was AQMG Aldershot 1935-37, commanded the 8th Infantry Brigade 1939-40 and was Commander Glasgow Area 1940-41. He married on 7 August 1919 Ruth Leonside Brocklebank, 2nd daughter of Harold Brocklebank of Grizedale Hall, Hawkshead, Lancashire, and died on active service on 9 May 1941, leaving no children.

Frederick (5), born 30 January 1889, educated RMA and Staff College Quetta, also joined the army and rose to the rank of Major-General.

(Insert here summary of career)

He married on 7 February 1929 Alice Mary Wrigley, eldest daughter of Arthur Edward Wrigley of Wyck Hill, Gloucestershire, and had four children:

i. Alice Margaret 1931-
ii. Elizabeth Mary Broome 1933-
iii. Diana Katherine 1936-
iv. Francis Edward Broome 1941-

Margaret (6), married 19 April 1899, George Frederick Woodroffe of Hambleden, Wimbledon, and has issue (I have no details).

After the death of his first wife, June, on 22 September 1854, Revd George Bourne married secondly, on 15 April 1857, Harriet Eliza Moss by whom he had three children:

i. Hannah Moss 1858-1897, died unmarried
ii. William Moss 13 January - 15 February 1861
iii. Louisa Moss 1863-1943, died unmarried

Ann (Brandreth) and her Descendants

Ann (5) was born on 21 November 1816. She married her second cousin Revd William Harper Brandreth, Rector of Standish, Lancashire, and honorary Canon of Manchester Cathedral. She had a son:

i. William Frederick Bourne 1838-1897

William married Caroline Williamson in 1865, by whom he had a son:

1. Francis Williamson 1866-1943, dsp

After Annís death in 1858 Canon Brandreth married secondly his cousin Mary Brandreth, and had two daughters, Constance and Ethel.

Elinor (Drinkwater) and her Descendants

Elinor Drinkwater Bourne (6), born 18 May 1818, married her first cousin Sir William Leece Drinkwater KB of Kirby, Isle of Man, on 27 August 1840. William was called to the bar in 1837 and later served as first deemster (judge) and member of the Council of the Isle of Man. Sir William had inherited Kirby on the death of his uncle Sir George Drinkwater who had acquired it from Major-General Sir George Buchan in 1840. Elinor died in 1897 and her husband died in 1909. They had seven children:

i. Elizabeth Bourne 1842-1935
ii. Margaret Bourne 1844-1891
iii. Elinor Bourne 1846-1896
iv. Jane Bourne 1849-1852
v. George 1852-1930
vi. John 1854-1888
vii. Jane Bourne 1856-1865.

Both Janes (iv and vii) died as children. John (vi), born 7 October 1854, educated Cheltenham College and Trinity Hall Cambridge assumed the additional name of Lawe by Royal Licence in 1879 under the will of his cousin John Drinkwater Lawe of Trinity College Cambridge. He died unmarried on 10 November 1888.

Elizabeth (i) married in 1866 Stewart Jackson of Knutsford (he died on 3 August 1881) and had five sons and one daughter. (Details of descendants have been received from Colin Jackson, and will be added shortly.)

Margaret (ii) married on 13 January 1881 Frederick Maximilian Ross, JP (Isle of Man). She died without having had children on 19 September 1891, and Frederick died on 17 October 1905. Elinor (iii) married on 8 February 1871 Frederick W Pigott of Bourne Hill (he died 21 February 1899), Horsham, JP (Sussex), and had a daughter:

1. Esmie Isabel, of whom I have no further details.

George (v), born in 1852, was educated at Eton and Trinity College Cambridge and became a barrister of Lincolnís Inn in 1877. He was a JP, Crown Receiver and Seneschall of the Isle of Man. He married in 1880 Mary Wyse Falder, granddaughter of Roddam J Roddam of Roddam, Northumberland, and died on 14 September 1930, having had four sons:

1. William Roddam 1881-1909
2. George Roddam 1884-1903
3. John Roddam 1888-?
4. Roddam Collingwood 1894-

William (1), born 28 September 1881 died unmarried on 13 September 1909. George (2), born 7 May 1884, also died unmarried on 20 March 1903.

John (3), MBE, was a JP (Isle of Man), educated at Rugby and Kingís College Cambridge, was Captain of the Parish from 1945, HM Crown Receiver of the Isle of Man, and served as a Major in the RFA. He married on 24 July 1913 Ethel Mary Borrer, daughter of Revd Charles Alexander Borrer, Rector of Horseheath, Cambridgeshire. He had a daughter:

(i) Mary Diana 1915-

Mary married, on 22 December 1945, William Edward Boulton of Cambridge, son of Thomas Swann Boulton of Beverley Hall, Yorkshire.

Roddam (4), born 25 May 1894, educated Rugby and Trinity College Cambridge, married on 18 September 1926 Dorothy Mary Adeney, eldest daughter of William Adeney of North Way, Hampstead and had a son:

(i) Collingwood Peter, born 2 September 1931.

Margaret (Royds) and her Descendants

Margaret, the ninth and youngest child of Peter Bourne, born 6 December 1826, married Henry Royds. She and her descendants have been dealt with in the Royds part of this site.


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