Royds Family Pedigree
from the work of Sir Clement Royds (1910) as revised by Giles Brocklebank (1952)

1. The 14th to the 16th Century

John del Rode (dead in 1334) Had messuage and 24 acres "le Brigge" in Soyland, Graveship of Sowerby, Halifax, and a messuage and 7.5 acres

John del Rode (dead in 1393) Paid heriot for messuage and 24 acres in Soyland (le Brigge) on death of his father in 1334; in 1339 the same property was granted to John and Cecilia his wife and the heirs of their bodies, and in default to right heirs of said John.
= Cecilia

Adam del Rode, Royde, Royd or Roides Grave of Sowerby 1431 and 1443; in 1444 he surrendered messuage and 20 acres called le Brigge in Soyland (1) to use of son Elias and his heirs (2) to use of son William and his heirs (3) to use of son John and his heirs

Elias del Rode Surrendered le Brigg to the use of Adam del Rode 1444; died s.p.

William del Rode Fined 4d at Court of Sourbe held at Wakefield 1421; died s.p.

John del Rode, Royde or Roides (died 1468) Succeeded in 1456 on death of two brothers under entail of 1444 to le Brigge and 20 acres in Soyland
= Isabella

William Royde or Roides de Brigge Paid heriot for 1 messuage and 20 acres in Sowerby on death of father in 1468; bought messuage and 30 acres called le Brygge from Elizabeth Williamson, widow, 1472: leased "fulling mill" of lord 1479; settled in 1506 1 cottage and 17 acres, all in Sowerby, for lives of self and Alis ux. and then their son John Royde and Matilda ux.
= Alis

John Roides or Roide (dead in 1510) of Brownehill in Soyland (see Royds of Brownehill in Soyland)

Adam Royde Constable, 1472. Leased 10 acres in Sowerby for 30 years 1475; took 2 acres of the lord 1482; died s.p.

John Royde (died 1542) Elected Grave of Sowerby 1499. Paid heriot for 1 messuage and 20 acres in Soyland, and Isabella his mother paid to have his tuition 1472. Will proved York; mentions wife and children by name.
= Isabella

John Royde (died 1606) of Bychstonhirste in Soyland (see Royds of Beistonhirst)

Thomas Roide

William Roide

Brian Roide

Robert Roides of Redyshawes(see Royds of Redyshawes)

Isabella Roide

Margaret Roide = James Waterhouse

Richard del Rodes Admitted in 1337 to 1 messuage and 3 acres, and on death of brother John in 1393 to 1 messuage, 1 bovate and meadow.

Margaret del Rodes

2. Royds of Redyshawes

Robert Roide or Roides took of the lord 3 acres called Redyshawes in Sowerby 13 May 1495, and further land from the waste subsequently; surrendered reversion of Redishawes and 6 acres and 3 roods to sons 1539
= Marian

Robert Roides of Ridieshaw, surrendered reversion of house and 4 closes in Soyland to son John 1589
= Agnes

John Royde of Stonyrode in Sidall in Southowram, surrendered 2 messuages 9 acres 1 rood at Rydieshawe for use of wife Agnes for life and then to daughters

= Agnes Ireland m. 10 Aug 1589

Sara Royde surrendered her part of Rydieshawe to Abraham Royd 1612
= Abraham Slater m. 29 Sep 1607, Halifax

Brigitta Royde surrendered her part of Rydieshawe to Abraham Royd of Soyland 1615

Margaret Roides = Thomas Hanson m. 1570

Jane Roides = George ffirth m. 24 Oct 1580, Elland

...... Roides = John Rilley

John Roides of Rydshae in Soyland, surrendered Shacale Redyshae and 6 adres 3 roods to nephew John 1587
= Margaret Waterhouse m. 18 Dec 1566, Halifax

William Roides, or Roide surrendered his right in Redyshawe to brothers 23 Oct 1551

3. Royds of Beistonhirst

John Royde ( - 1606) of Bychstonhirste in Soyland. paid heriot for 1 messuage and 20 acres in Soland on the death of his father.
= Agnes Bridge m. 30 Jan 1552/3, Halifax

Richard Roides, Rode or Roodes of Beistonhirste. In 1609 Richard and Grace surrendered the capital messuage of Beistonhirste to Michael Royd
= (1) Margaret Hopkinson
= (2) Grace Holroyd

John Roide

Michael Roide, clothier, of Hundersfield, Rochdale, afterwards of Standyngden and Biestonhirst; in 1619 surrendered reversion of Beistonhirste to son John Royd; in 1625 mortgaged Beistonhirste to John Ryley, and in 1634 to Richard Andrew; in 1625 John Glege of Bothomley and James Hill of Lightasles feoffes at special insistance of Joshua ffeilden of Warland and Mary ux., and Abraham Schofield late of Lower Ridishore, and Edward Schofield his son surrendered 1 messuage, 1 barn standing on the top of the hill in the fould, 1 small house in little rydeinge, 1 house called Sheepcote, 1 house called Turfecote, and Grayemarshe, Blackpitt medowe, warfielde, Ryding, Cowhey, and other Closes containing 9 roods in Lower Redishore, to Susan ux. Michael Roide of Beestonhurst in Sowerby and her hiers for ever (see Rochdale Court Roll, No 4); on 21 October 1640 Michael Royde served on a jury at Rochdale.
= Susanna Clegg m. 9 Feb 1607, Rochdale

John Royd ( - 1671) of Beistonhirst, sold a moiety of Beistonhirst and 16 acres to Abraham Crossley in 1650
= Hester

Richard Royds, Royd or Rhodes of Beeston Hirst in Soyland; paid heriot in 1671 for half a messuage in Soyland; succeeded to 40 acres called Calfie, a messuage, 2 barns etc., in Rochdale as heir to his cousin Susanna Utley (nee Fielden), settled by him on his daughter Esther, wife of Cyril Schofield; in 1717 he settled Beeston Hirst on Elais Crossley of Halifax, cordwainer, his grandson, which property was sold in 1718 to Charles Radcliffe of Brrkisland, Gent. Will dated 5 January 1720/21.
= Mary

Esther Royds
= Cyril Scholfield of Steamerbottom

..... Royds= Nathan Holden

Easter Royd

Susanna Royd

Mary Royd

Anna Royd

Sarah Royd

Judith Roide

Marie Roide

Margaret Roide

Joseph Roides, Rode or Roodes

Zacharie Roides, Rode or Roodes ( - 1597)

Symon Roides, Rode or Roodes (1598 - )

James Roides, Rode or Roodes

Susan Roides, Rode or Roodes

Grace Roides, Rode or Roodes

Sara Roides, Rode or Roodes
= Thomas Dudbridge

Thomas Royde or Roodes, clothier, de Baitings Gate in Soland, took Overbaytinges, etc., from Robert Priestley 1598; took two thirds of land in Rydieshawe from Agnes, widow of John Royde 1597, and surrendered it in 1612 to younger son Abraham
= Elizabeth ( - 1613)

John Royde or Roodes de Baytinges
= Elizabeth ( - 1633)

Nathan Royde

James Royde ( - 1635)

Elizabeth Royde = ...... Ramsden

Abraham Roide of le Shawe, acquired Rydieshawe from father and Sara and Brigitta. daus. of John Royde of Siddall; surrendered to John Kirshawe of Soyland 1650. Will proved London 21 April 1652.
= Grace Norcliffe m. 1610, Elland

Thomas Roide of Barkisland. Will dated 19 Dec 1640.

Abraham Roide

Sarah Roide
= Thomas Hagh of Binnes, parish of Rachdall, co. Lancs.

Agnes Roide

Susan Roide

to be continued...

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